Libre Silicon Alliance

Free semiconductors for everyone

The missing link between open source chip development and hardware markets: LSA makes free open source (FOS) chips commercially available through a rapid prototyping service (MPW on demand), FOS EDA tool sets and a chip design marketplace. Ethereum smart contracts track commercial usage of your designs and incentivize more FOS hardware development.

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Opening the market

Today there is no inexpensive and easy way for SMEs, startups and hobbyists to develop their own ASICs and bringing them to the market. All the silicon manufacturing nowadays is in the hands of a few big companies which play their monopoly of lone capability of manufacturing microchips by charging around 20'000 USD per prototype and letting an engineer wait for months until he can test his design physically. Additionally the EDA tools for designing chips are unaffordable for most start ups. We intend to change that!

A collaboration platform

By using a blockchain solution in order to track the added value from the work of every contributor, without any human intervention required, it is ensured that everyone is being payed a fair price for the work and time she or he has invested into developing an ASIC or IP block.


Lightning talk at 34c3

12/16/2017: There will be a lightning talk about this project at Chaos Communication Congress 34c3.

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