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我们正开发一种自由使用及开源的半导体制作工艺标准,包括一混合信号PDK, 目的是提供一种快捷, 容易使用, 及价格相宜的制程. 开始制定流程时, 无需遵守特殊的保密协议 NDA, 即使在个人设施条件下, 仍可按设计制作. 我们的目标是打断现时非开源厂商垄断!

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现时并没有价格相宜及简易的方式 来让中小企业,初创公司以及个人开发 '特殊应用积体电路' (ASIC) 并推出公开市场. 差不多全部的制程都是由大型半导体厂商拥有,而开发产品原型晶片需用上两万美元以上,及多月的等候才可实际测试晶片. 另一方面, 所使用的发开EDA 软件亦需要额外支付一般初创企业负担不起的高昂费用, 我们希望带来改变.!

可核查芯片, 解决对保安的担忧

由于现时不少人对个别厂家的中央处理器中管理引擎的担忧, 通过使用公开的制程及技术, 晶片的图则可以在 GitHub 上面公开. 而公开的中央处理器平台亦随之然发展, 其公开的程度可推至 晶体管 层面. 从此再不可以隐藏 非相关的功能.


我们在工艺上指定相应的设计参数, 亦同时支援数码及模拟电路. 所产生的效果: 即使在某地方设计的ASIC (同时包括CMOS及模拟电路), 亦可在地球另一端在GitHub下载有关的设计并进行生产.


为了使半导体市场更自由化及避免被大厂商垄断, 需要推行一种标准化公开的制作工艺, 来方便设计图则的交流及检查. 这是现时我们努力的方向.


在34c3 的起源点

12/16/2017: 我们在 Chaos Communication Congress 34c3 的起源点

在 C3D2 黑客松

开始时间: 2018-05-19 星期六 12h
结束时间: 2018-05-21 星期一
Zentralwerk Riesaer Str. 32, 01127 Dresden



David Lanzendörfer

Process Design

Studied electrical engineering but realized that there were no interesting jobs to be done in Switzerland. So he ventured out to China in order find his fortune there. In this new world he found all the thrilling engineering problems, he ever wanted to solve, and now tackles the final frontier: Semiconductor manufacturing.

david dot lanzendoerfer at libresilicon dot com


Andreas Westerwick

Compiler Design

Programmer with 15 years experience. Computer science and math enthusiast. Strongly invested in decentralized systems. Haskell novice.

andreas dot westerwick at libresilicon dot com


Philipp Gühring

Software Design

Software developer for 25 years. Security and Cryptography enthusiast.

philipp dot guehring at libresilicon dot com


Hagen Sankowski

Digital Design

In business for 20 years, worked for a Samsung subsidiary, later freelancing for Intel Mobile Communication, Infineon Chipcard, Globalfoundries and many others as ASIC Designer.

hsank at posteo dot de


Ferenc Éger

Analog Design

Electrical engineer, currently in the automotive sector. Previously worked at Microchip Technology, and on custom-order system development projects (both HW and SW) since 2010. Studied microelectronics manufacturing and design at Budapest University of Technology.

eegerferenc at gmail dot com

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